Keno Ticket Types

One big feature of online keno, as in the original game – is the chance to play with different quantities of numbers (spots) on each ticket. Check out the key features low, mid and high spot tickets………

Low bet keno tickets

Many keno games on the web have a minimum ticket number of 'three spots', such as the example below:

3 spot keno ticket example: 2, 5, 6

The probability of getting zero numbers is 1.40009-1, 1.3209-1 for 1 number, 6.2070-1 for 2 numbers and 71-1 for a clean sweep over all 3 spots. However, to illustrate the potential for different number combinations with just 3 spot keno cards – there are 82,160 different 3 numbered combos to use! The benefit of gaming with 3 spot tickets is that you start getting rewards in online casinos for matching 2 numbers, while many gamers who play regularly are likely to eventually scoop 3 numbers and win payouts worth around. 2 spots payouts are often 2 coins for 2 spots and 25 coins for 3 spots. Note that some online keno games can also be played with 1 or 2 numbers, making the payout threshold even easier to attain (albeit with lower rewards).

Mid-level keno tickets

The progression from gaming with a low keno spot number is to select mid-range tickets, such as 6 numbers – check the example below:

6 spot keno ticket: 3, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12

With a 6 spot keno card, the following odds are present for each spot number; 0 spots = 5-1, 1 = 1.75-1, 2 = 2.24-1, 3 = 6.7-1, 4 = 34-1, 5 = 322-1 and 6 = 7751-1. There are a whopping 300,500,200 different number variations available. Now, the potential advantage of gaming with a mid number range is that matching 5 or 6 numbers delivers a very nice reward; with 6 spots you can expect to win about x2000 coins! What's more – matching 6 numbers is relatively easy compared to a jackpot 10 spot for example. Now, the downside? Well, essentially the minimum threshold of numbers needed to win rises to 3 spots (which covers your keno bet for the round) – 2 spots or lower gets nothing!

High level keno tickets

At the highest level (which is 10 spots in many keno parlours, but can go as high as 15-20), the reward potential can be potentially huge; check out the example of a keno 10 spot ticket below:

10 spot keno ticket: 55, 32, 11, 13, 9, 4, 1, 80, 70, 60

Firstly, the odds of hitting zero numbers is low, at 20.8-1; however it needs to be low because the threshold for winning is 5 (note: you also win for zero numbers!). The odds for all 10 spots is a huge 8,911,700-1, but not surprisingly the rewards can be potentially amazing and comparable with lottery jackpots!

Ultimately – each type of spot number has advantages and disadvantages – so the chances are you'll want to play with a different range of tickets in each session. 
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Vegas Style Lotto Gaming

In Las Vegas (where keno has become part of the furniture) – keno is known as the game of dreams, but equally somewhere to get away from hardcore gambling and enjoy a game that's based on thrills and fun. However, make no mistake that the fun nature of keno is laced with the small chance of hitting mega jackpots worth hundreds of thousand. The conception of online keno mimics the buzzy atmosphere of Vegas keno – it's fast, lit with neon colours, instantly playable and the ultimate way to sit back and chill in style. Many online leisure and jackpot gamers play a variety of games including bingo, slots, scratch cards and keno – so there's always a different way to relax and cross your fingers for payout joy.

Getting going with keno

Keno has instant playability, but it does offer an appealing level of complexity and options that mean for many gamers – it's a cut-above other lotto and parlour games. Primarily – the big feature of keno is the ruling that means tickets are created by the gamer; you can pick between 3 and 10 spot/numbers in most keno parlours, selected from 1-80. This ruling makes keno pretty unique – because you're essentially in control of your gaming fate (albeit you need luck to win!).

Hitting the online casino keno jackpot

Your style of keno ticket and wager level have a big impact on your potential winnings. Fundamentally, low spot tickets (such as 3 spots) make it relatively easy to win (with as few as 1 number delivering a reward), however the maximum jackpot payouts are relatively small. In contrast, matching 1 number with a high spot keno card doesn't payout (the payout minimum threshold is higher) - but match all the number and get ready for serious payouts (up to hundreds of thousands with a 10 spot full house).

Keno logic and crazy strategies

For a luck-based game – you can find a pretty impressive ways to approach the game. Check out some of our favourite strategies; it may need luck to win but any weird and wonderful method could be the trigger for success……..

> Balance your keno Yin and Yang; in ancient China where keno was invented, players picked 50% of their number from the top and bottom of the tickets, to bring good luck.

> Play with several keno card in each round; use a number of different strategies to boost your chances.

> Search for hot numbers that are winning with regularity – they really could be lucky

> Game with lucky numbers such as special dates and anniversaries

> Check your horoscope for lucky numbers and dates to play

Which ever way you play keno – always remember the basis of the game is entertainment, so only play with cash you can afford to spend having fun; set a set ticket/round budget and go in search of endless fun and a small jackpot chance.

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